Friday, 25 January 2013

Daughter LIVE at the Hackney Empire 24/0/12

I'd never been to the Hackney Empire before and I didn't have the highest of hopes and so was pleasantly surprised... Correction, I was BLOWN AWAY by the gorgeousness of it and the high sound quality. I'm not one to choose seated over standing either and seeing as there wasn't the option to stand I was grumbling about it. Turns out, seated was what I needed. It allowed me to not worry about knocking drinks out of people's hands or people pushing in front of me. It was about absorbing as much atmosphere and sound as I possibly could because I wanted to take Daughter's music away with me forever after last night.

The band comes from a mix of countries inc. Switzerland, France and "Greater London" the crowd discovered after some polite heckling halfway through the set. Despite having a nervous stage presence, Daughter managed to deliver pleasantly shy stage banter that set the crowd giggling and respond by showing love of the three piece's tracks.

The gig was the trio's largest headliner to date and was the perfect opportunity to showcase a couple of new tracks that blew us all away. With more of a rock feel when performed live as-opposed to on record, the build and emotive push of the tracks were all the better live. For instance, the use of a violin's bows for tracks including the gorgeous 'Love' meant the emotions felt on stage could only be reciprocated back to them from everyone in the crowd.

Technically, the band was spot on, Elena's vocals faultless, a small snag on the guitar here and lack of control in tempo there... but as such a minimal group, the control, direction, builds and anticipation of drops were faultless.

The newer tracks, 'Love', 'Landfill', 'Home' and 'Run' were all stand out tracks for me that kept my eyebrows knitted together in concern and a heartfelt pain.

Ending on 'Home' meant I continued to hum the track the entire way home.

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